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I didn’t believe it either. I never even strived for it I thought it was so far fetched, it wasn’t even something that I searched for. Like so many girls who spent their childhood splashing in water whenever they could and loving every second of it, I allowed my adolescent insecurities and young adult vanity get in the way of my fun. Curly, frizzy beach hair aside, I would get hung up on whether letting loose and going under water was worth having to spend the day concealer free with my blemishes exposed to all!

It may have had something to do with the poolside mojitos that I had enjoyed this one fateful morning at a ritzy LA hotel, but I had decided to let loose and enjoy myself in the beautiful pool that had been tempting me all week. After splashing around and swimming underwater for a good half hour I emerged from the pool to be greeted by my friend’s astonishment when they told me that my make-up was still perfect. It was true. And to stress matters further… It was make-up from the night before (a big beauty no-no, I know, but if it looks good enough sometimes you just have to keep rocking it).

Have I held you in suspense enough?! It’s almost cruel to hold out on telling you what this magic product is! The product of my dreams is Cargo’s liquid foundation! I never would have known about it had I not decided to go into Sephora and get a full consult on make-up from lip gloss to mascara. It goes on totally smooth, virtually eliminating blemishes, pores and lines while not beng so heavy that you need to pile on a whole bunch more make-up to still look “natural”. It has the best consistency and reflecting power I have seen in a foundation, and if I haven’t stressed it enough… LASTING POWER!

The beauty of it is how attainable Cargo products are. The foundation retails for about $30, lasts for about 3-4 months (and that’s me using it consistently everyday), and is carried at Sephora’s so scouting it out is never a problem either.

Now if I could only find something to make my hair silky and straight when emerging from chlorinated/salt water!

…I’ll keep you posted.

Cargo Foundation - The Best of The Best

Cargo Foundation - The Best of The Best