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How to be a Cherry Bombshell                       

 Women with shiny luminous hair have always made me envious so when I was visiting my estician and confidante, Jill, I commented on how beautiful and shiny her hair looked  She revealed that Cherry Bomb™ was her secret. 

 Hmmm…intriguing…a friend told Jill, and Jill told me and now I have to tell everyone!

 I sought out Cherry Bomb and found it at Chatters for only $ 15.95.  I applied this clear serum on my wet hair after shampoo and cream rinse and then dried my hair with the blow dryer and put the flat-iron to it for the smoothest, sleekest look. So sleek you would think I had been to the salon.   Me? Creating salon quality results, can this be true?

Being a blonde with fine hair with just enough wave to be dangerous Cherry Bomb has become a must-have in my bevy of beauty products. Amazed with the results on my own hair I decided to seek out the master minds behind this great product. 

Marinos Thoma and Jack Szatkowski are the genius behind Cherry Bomb. Hair stylists and co-owners of Planet Hair Studio, Marinos explained to me that Cherry Bomb is a heat-activated serum to protect hair from flat-iron damage.  It is not greasy and does not dry your hair out because the two main ingredients are of the highest quality to make sure that doesn’t happen.  Other companies go for cheaper ingredients that are so greasy and thick that they must add alcohol to the product. 

Ten years ago with the advent of ceramic flat-irons, Marinos and Jack found that there was no product on the market that prevented the flat-iron from burning the hair.  Off to the labs to produce their own product to work specifically with high heat, “driving the chemists batty” 16 formulas later, Cherry Bomb was born. Oh, baby!

Marinos explained, “It totally works for all hair types.  At the end of the day it is a hair hydrator, it gives thirsty hair a drink. If you stop using it, you can’t get the same results. It’s so addictive we call it “hair crack”.

I asked Marinos for a hair beauty secret to share with all  Crazyfunbabes and he told me, “The best advice is that the #1 mistake 99% of all women make is whether they use a $20 or $ 1 hair conditioner, they rinse out the conditioner in the same temperature as they wash their body: hot water.  When you apply heat to the hair cuticle it opens up, so all of the conditioner does not stick to the hair it goes down the drain. If you rinse your hair in hot water for 1 or 2 minutes you are not only rinsing all the condition but also any of the moisture you had before you had a shower.  When you walk out of the shower your hair is actually drier and coarser than when you went into the shower.”  I thought to myself, guilty as charged.  Marinos went on to explain, “That is why Cherry Bomb works so well, it makes up for the dehydration”.

After all this hot talk, I felt it was time for me to go and take a cold shower but the thought gave me goose bumps.  Marinos and Jack are here to save the day, “we are coming out with an anti-aging product for the hair, shampoo and conditioner that perform in hot water.  Imagine a really good conditioner mixed with Cherry Bomb in it, so when the cuticle expands in the shower, instead of the condition going down the drain, Cherry Bomb sticks in your hair.

Cherry Bomb straight up or mixed with conditioner I am convinced you won’t find a better product on the market to make your hair Hollywood glamorous.

Find out more about Yummy Labs Cherry Bomb and how you can order it at

Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb


buddha-neoprene-case-graphicCrazyfunbabes found themselves rocking out next to Founder of Isis Dei, Taylor Shupe at a party in Vegas. So impressed we decided to find out if  Taylor did anything besides party. Based out of California, Isis Dei covers protect your precious laptop, mobile phone and other techno gizmos. We found we can strut our tech stuff with style with the ultra cool designs at oh yeah, the great music on this video? DJ Serafin

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