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Crazyfunbabes love a good party and are genetically altered to find it no matter where it is, so it comes as no surprise that we found ourselves dancing in front of the SD Rock Band 2 Contest at CES 2009, Las Vegas.  While we were shakin’ it the boys were givin’ it and it created quite a scene.  Again, no suprise.  As we groupied at the feet of “The Shakers” they put on the performance of their life.  Again, no suprise. 

Between the SD advanced technologies and the heat of the moment, we left as security arrived.  Again, no surpise.  This was all over 2 Gigabytes and I swear someone whispered sweet 2 Terabytes in my ear. OMG!

Now looking for a major record deal for “The Shakers”, operators standing by.  See Boy Band

We love this town!

Producer Kevin Weeks

Editor Lorane Poesrch


CES, JANUARY 7, 2009. The Venetian ballroom in Vegas  at CES Unveiled is swarming with male reporters with bad hair and their take on the future has dandruff. 

Concerned or confused I couldn’t tell but it had something to with the future and my girly sense was tingling.  It’s now January 7th and  I still don’t feel right.

My only recollection is my Zivio BOOM. It operates where I don’t. See my recollection here . Jenny Barchas, Product Marketing Manager at JOBY.COM promised me it would change my life and she was right. Set up was easy and functional, however, perhaps it’s my magnetic personality but I have problems with attachments.  BTW, as far as the attachments are concerned if you like synthetic products, eat the earbuds, otherwise throw  them away. Other than that, it’s simply brillant.  The design is sleek and sexy.  The telescopic boom makes me a ROCK STAR and I like that a lot. 

As I sashay around the the room with my BOOM, I get dizzy and everybody seems to love it. As we speak, I am in front of the Mirage with my Zivio, directing traffic and as the french say, ‘I am oh so courant”, but the police are coming and I must go. 

Off to Pepcom’s Digital Experience later today and OMG, it’s a miracle, it’s at the Mirage…so, assuming I will see you there. BFN from CFB

Editor, Lorane Poersch  Producer, Kevin Weeks

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Download this image and others directly from your phone at and $1 will go to Obama's favourite charity CARE.

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Always interested in finding out what is really happening in the cities that we crazyfunbabes visit, our curiosity was heightened when we walked along a dark San Francisco street and noticed heavy drapes covering what appeared to be a hole in the wall. We just had to see what was behind that heavy damask.  What we found was Mr. Smith’s and had a blast. Lucky us!

A warm and sexy establishment, Mr. Smith’s has three levels including a main bar area, a VIP lounge and a deep dark dance floor in the basement.

Thanks to the crew running this joint; Dave, Claire and Mark.  We’ll be back!  

Mr. Smith’s, 34 7th Street San Francisco.


crazyfunbabes prefer a Gentleman

crazyfunbabes prefer a Gentleman

crazyfunbabes always demand the best, whether it’s diamonds, mobile or men so it tweaked our imagination when we came upon this endangered species campaign at by Countess Mara, makers of elegant mens’ ties.  To quote from their website “We’re all about the Gentleman.  Some care about the spotted owl. Others about dolphins. We’re 100% committed to the Gentleman”.  One of our more recent Gentlemen sightings was on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. Actually, we were crossing the street when the most gorgeous guy in a beautiful suit and tie, crossing from the other direction stopped to wish us a great day.  At crazyfunbabe we have to admit we do love a Gentleman, tie or no tie.  A Gentleman is one of our most cherised natural resources.  Thanks Countess Mara for supporting such a noble cause. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some endangered species watching to do….

One day Crazyfunbabe Rebecca was dreaming about diamonds… the next day she was dripping in them! Dreams DO come TRUE!

Rebecca was wearing over $50 Million dollars worth of diamonds from rings, earrings, to bracelets, to the rarest one of all … A 76.45 carat perfect white Archduke Joseph Diamond lovingly referred to as the “Duke”. Now THAT’s Dripping in Diamonds!

Check out some behind the scenes footage during our Crazyfunbabe Dripping in Diamonds photoshoot.    

Pick Your Purse or Choose Your Shoes to win at

PICK YOUR PURSE or CHOOSE YOUR SHOES! Crazyfunbabe has come up with yet another contest that seems too good to be true! Go to on your mobile browser (hmm-hmmm… that’s your phone’s web browsing people!!! Welcome to the modern world!!!) and sign up. If you get a text message and you text back within 12 hours, you have won and can “Pick Your Purse or Choose Your Shoes” from a top designer selection that includes Betsey Johnson, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs and more. So be the fashionista that you are and try it on for size. You’ll never get into designers shoes or carry a designer on your arm with such ease… I’m waiting.

Click to Enter our Pick Your Purse, Choose Your Shoes Contest NOW!!





















Coachella at night

Coachella went off without a hitch this year… Some of us Crazyfunbabes were down there for our first go at the event, and left more than impressed. Not only was it the killer line-up that made the weekend what it was, but you couldn’t walk two steps without seeing the next cutest outfit, talking to someone of interest, or catching a glimpse of celebrities who were there for the music as much as everybody else. In the blazing heat, we loved checking out all the fashion on display and seeing how people kept it stylishly cool. For anyone looking to go next year, a few fashion tips for beating the heat…

  • SUNSCREEN to avoid that terrible burnt nose by day two… and the eventual peeling.
  • Water proof mascara and water-resistant everything else!
  • Breezy clothes that you’re going to feel comfortable in is a must. But remember to bring something to throw on your shoulders if you’re planning on staying to the bitter end! That desert cools down at night!
  • And definitely, if you really want your personal style to standout, MIX-AND-MATCH! There’s nothing worse than seeing a field full of the same dresses from Urban Outfitters and the like when you’re really trying to get noticed!

Various artists had as much fun performing as fans did watching. From classics like Roger Waters, to newbies like Vampire Weekend, that even the constant heat could’nt put a damper on the fun. Some of the favourite shows that we caught were: MGMT, Metric, Justice, Vampire Weekend, The Teenagers, Stars and Gogel Bordello.