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Not that girl crushes are something totally out of the ordinary for a gal like me… Perhaps they’re not even out of the ordinary for any of us. The girls that have the grace we all wish for, a talent and beauty we strive for, that go above the usual unspoken cattiness that girls are often (fairly or unfairly) known for. No, this type of admiration doesn’t bring about love masked with loathing, but more the inspiration for self-improvement… okay, with a little loathing on the side.

This week my crush comes in the form of Olivia Wilde at the Emmy’s. The grace that she holds herself with, the strong femininity  that she exudes, and a killer career and star status that has yet to be tainted by rumors and scandals isn’t something that many people can claim ownership to, especially in this day and age.

After watching her grace the red carpet and instantly feeling my admiration for her, I got to thinking about the perceptions that females often have for one another. I only mention it in this way because I am clearly not above it, considering that I am speaking first hand where a girl’s mind can go when they see an attractive girl in their midst.  After years of watching it happen and falling victim to it from time to time myself, I have finally learnt to draw inspiration from the admiration for girls that I feel, not jealousy! I no longer want to pick out the single flaw I can find in a girl, or hear myself say to a picture of Megan Fox “ya, she’s okay… but I hear she has hammer thumbs” (okay, maybe I’ll hold onto that one for sanity’s sake). From this day forward, I am vowing to no longer see beautiful, interesting and intelligent girls as adversaries! I will work on self improvement and satisfaction, and strive to be what I want to be… I’ll keep you posted on my progression.


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